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Your feet are the foundation of your body.  When your foundation is unstable, the stresses are sent up the biomechanical chain.  Many people have feet with too little support - hyperpronation.  This causes stress on the knees, the hips and low back, and has even been implicated in upper back and neck issues. 
Orthotics are a simple way to correct improper foot mechanics. 
Custom Orthotics Toronto

Custom Fit

Orthotics are custom fit to your foot, to provide you with the exact correction that you need. 

Orthotics Chiropractor Toronto Forest Hill Eglinton

Comfort at last!

Ideally, you barely notice your orthotics.  In fact, the only thing you should notice is that you feel better!



Most insurance plans cover the cost of new orthotics annually or biannually. We suggest you call your insurance company to find out your specific policy coverage by asking the following questions:


1. How much is my orthotic coverage?


2. Is the amount per year or biannually?


3. Do I need a doctor's prescription?


4. Do you prefer gait scan or foam casting?


5. Can a chiropractor dispene my orthotics?


6. Do you need an estimate latter?





We recommend you replace your orthotics every two years as both your feet and symptoms change over time. In addition, the material the orthotics is made out of will wear down. Insurance companies recognize this and will typically cover a new pair every year or two.

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