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July 14, 2020

We are back into full motion!  We want to thank you for all your patience and understanding  through this time of crisis, and we are ready, more than ever, to be of service.  

As the city slowly begin to see lower numbers of new covid 19 cases, let us not let our guards down just yet.  We at Russell Hill Chiropractic & Natural Health Clinic will continue our covid protocols and cleaning procedures onwards to keep you safe.

We take this situation very carefully. In addition to our regular cleaning and sanitation practices, we are sterilizing commonly touched surfaces throughout the day.  Tables are sanitized between all patients/clients, and we ask that everyone wear a mask and wash their hands upon entering the clinic.  

If you feel unwell, have travelled recently or have reason to suspect you may have been exposed, please stay home and we can reschedule your appointment at a later date.  

Flattening the curve takes everyone's cooperation, together we will make it happen!


Speaking of making it happen:  Our pilates and exercise classes are back!  Check out what our amazing pilates instructor Mia Rapoport and Toronto's only hypopressive master Trista Zinn have to offer.  It is time to stretch out a little after these long months of cooping at home.  A good exercise routine will promote better health, greater immune system and happiness overall!

Also great news: We will be having a physiotherapist joining our team in September!

Stay tuned for more information.

We continue to offer chiropractic care, massage therapy, naturopathic care (particularly for acupuncture treatments), and traditional chinese medicine. (Online sessions are still available basing on a case-by-case evaluation by our specialists.)


Stay tuned for our next featured piece on one of our therapists here at Russell Hill in our August newsletter!  

Thanks for dropping by!  A big virtual hug from all of us at Russell Hill to all of you out there.

Stay safe and healthy, and remember, we can take care of all your kneads.

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Keep fit @ RHCC

Yoga @ Russell Hill!

Vinyasa yoga with Alysa Engel

Fridays 1:00 - 2:00

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Pilates with Mia

Monday - Friday

All ages, all levels welcome!

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Hypopressives @ Russell Hill!

Taught by Hypopressive Master Trista Zinn

Email Trista for more info or to book:


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