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September 9, 2020

Welcome to September!  The topic of school seems to be a hot discussion right now.  Are your children back to the classrooms, or are they participating in virtual learning?  At any rate, let us take a little bit of that burden off your shoulders!  We have chiropractors, massage therapists, now a physiotherapist, naturalpath doctor, acupuncturist, and pilates here!  Let us take care of you from the inside out.


Of course, we should still continue our good work in social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks and face coverings to keep the numbers down.  We at Russell Hill Chiropractic & Natural Health Clinic will continue our covid protocols and cleaning procedures onwards to keep you safe.​ 

Get to know Dr. Dori Skye Engel, our Naturalpathic doctor.

Speaking of inside-out, the weather is getting colder by the day, and you can hear the footsteps of winter closing in.  It is time to boost up our immune system to fight the upcoming months.  Our Naturalpathic Doctor, Dr. Dori skye, is definitely who you should talk to.  Aside from the individual health, she also specializes in perinatal support, from fertility support to birth and labour, through to later life stage changes such as menopause and everything in between.  She is a person you would want to have taking care of your family.


Brett Weiss, physiotherapist, is here! 


We want to welcome Brett, who starts this week here at Russell Hill!  It is wonderful to have a physiotherapist on site once again, and please check out his bio and credentials here!  You can call us to book your sessions, or if you are not the talking-on-the-phone type, send us an email or simply book online!

Check out Mia's new classes!

For all you pilates fanatics out there, Mia is adding more classes!  Be sure to check out her new schedule with an all new SUNDAY CLASS **applause**.  

Hypopressive Mentorship Program

All new Hypopressive Mentorship Program offered by the one and only Trista Zinn!  Have you been a diligent student who spent years on the craft, and is now advance enough to take on the challenge of mentoring others?  This may be for you.  Speak to Trista about details.

Grace is now adding Tuesdays on her schedule!  Book now... she is very popular.

New fee schedules for Massage therapy is in effect now.  Please check out this page for more information.  

Thanks for dropping by!  A big virtual hug from all of us at Russell Hill to all of you out there.

Stay safe and healthy, and remember, we can take care of all your kneads.

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