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What's Happening at RHCC

May 16th, 2024


Limiting practice to Orofacial Pain, Neck Pain, and Headache


To my valued patients,


I wish to thank you sincerely for the past 4 years, allowing me to grow my practice in this community. I truly feel blessed that I have found a neighborhood to both work and raise my children in. Moving to Canada from NY during the pandemic with newborn twins was not an easy feat, however, each of you played a role in making that experience more comfortable.


Over the past 8 years I have been on a professional development journey of my own. As many of you know, this has led me to focus my attention on Orofacial pain and Headache. This includes the evaluation and treatment of TMJ disorders and cervical spine disorders (neck pain).


TMJ disorders and associated headaches are the second most common pain behind only low back pain. It is estimated that this accounts for up to 55% of the population. Working in the world of Orofacial pain has allowed me to work side by side with some of the best dentists and orofacial pain specialists in the city and in the world. In 2023 I successfully passed my boards to become a Certified Cervical & Temporomandibular Therapist (CCTT). A certification only 10 physiotherapists in Canada and 2 in Ontario have attained as of today. Please see for more info on this certification and the rigorous requirements in order to sit for the exam.


The world of TMJ disorders is unlike any other injury in healthcare. Medical doctors tend to refer you to your dentist however most dentists don’t learn about TMJ in their entry level graduate programs. Many of these cases are referred to dental specialists at the hospitals in the city. Physiotherapy programs also barely scratch the surface of how to examine and treat this complex disorder. Usually this area is given less than a week in the masters or doctoral PT programs. As I continue to progress my own knowledge in this area I have truly found my passion and place in the world.

What this means for my clinical practice, is that I will be limiting my practice to the treatment that falls under my expertise - orofacial pain and headache. Often this area can also be referred to as craniofacial pain and headache.

Starting June 1, 2024, I will be no longer be seeking out cases that are not falling within this area of focus. What does this mean for those I have worked with in the past on other areas of the body? If we have worked together previously, then I will always help you the best I can with any injury. I will never abandon you! If you are here for the head, neck and jaw, and something else hurts, we can also work on those areas after we evaluate them.


Thank you again so much for your understanding. I am very excited to continue to share my passion with this community and appreciate your support in this next phase of my career.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wellness journey,

Brett Weiss, PT, DPT, CEAS, CCTT

Acupuncture Tools

Tradition Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

~Julian Jones
TCM, Acupuncturist

Why is acupuncture something you should consider?

It’s a therapy dedicated to unlocking your body’s own healing power.

When you schedule a visit with Dr. Julian Jones, you’ll be seeing a practitioner whose sole goal is to "help the body to better focus on the problems so that it can use it’s resources to better manage itself.” (Matthew Bauer) 

It's truly Natural Medicine.

If you ask a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist what they treat, the list seems endless.

Acupuncture offers proven relief for patients suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, skin conditions, menstrual irregularities—the list is exhaustive.

How can acupuncture possibly treat all of these issues?

Having an impact on such a broad range of conditions speaks to the nature of acupuncture and both it's broad and pinpointed impact on the body. While there is a scientific explanation for how acupuncture works, it may be more helpful to say acupuncture maximizes our natural healing potential. It prods the body into action. The body does the work. Indeed, it knows what to do when gently coaxed by a TCM professional in the right direction. Acupuncture is able to achieve therapeutic impact because it focuses on the person and not just the condition/disease. It’s a macro medicine. It focuses on the totality of the person. TCM practitioners have an ideal picture/model of a well balanced person in mind when we evaluate the complaints of patients. Their presentation (signs/symptoms), allow us to see where the imbalance is. The TCM principles (TCM Physiology and Pathophysiology) guide us in choosing an effective strategy to bring our patients closer to that ideal image (model) of balance unique to them. 

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June 9, 2023


Effective on June 15th 2023 

General Physiotherapy

Initial appointment        $200.00

Standard treatment      $120.00

Comprehensive            $150.00

Extended                      $200.00


TMJ Specific Physiotherapy


Initial appointment        $275.00

Standard follow-up       $150.00

Effective on July 1st 2023

Chiropractic Treatment


Initial appointment         $175.00

Basic treatment               $60.00

Standard treatment         $80.00

Extended treatment       $115.00

Re-Evaluation               $115.00



TCM and Acupuncture


Initial appointment        $135.00

Standard follow-up         $85.00


RMT Massage Therapy Sessions

*We are now charging HST for all massage therapy sessions.

30 min       $75 +hst

45 min       $96 +hst

60 min       $115 +hst

75 min       $133 +hst

90 min       $158 +hst


Lymph Drainage

30 min       $75 +hst

45 min       $96 +hst

60 min       $115 +hst


Functional Massage Therapy

30 min       $85 +hst

45 min       $115 +hst

60 min       $135 +hst

75 min       $150 +hst

90 min       $180 +hst

January 1, 2023


We hope you had wonderful holidays and some time for yourself to rest and recharge.


Our *new* front door is now operational! All patients and visitors may come through the front door again.

The lobby area is still being worked on, however, so please be careful around the construction and workers. 

Once again, we thank you so much for your patience and flexibility during this time and we look forward to seeing you!

September 22, 2022



Fall is officially here! New TMJ patients welcome!

Fall is about pumpkin everything (pumpkin spice lattes?), cozy sweaters, and apples. But... if the thought of biting into an apple makes you grab your jaw and wince - you might need TMJ treatment!



Who can help me with my jaw pain?

Beyond obtaining his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, our resident physiotherapist Brett Weiss has completed over 100 hours of continuing education in the area of TMJ disorder and orofacial pain. Having recently concluded his postdoctoral residency with Dr. Jeffrey Mannheimer, PT, PHD, PC, CCTT, Brett is highly skilled at examining, evaluating, and treating all forms of TMJ disorders, facial pain and cervicogenic headaches. He is an affiliate member of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain and participates in their mentorship program. He also partners with dentists and orofacial pain specialists to develop an integrative plan of care to promote optimal outcomes for patients.

Ready for relief?

Whether acute or chronic, Brett can help you reduce the headaches, improve the mobility and restore the function of your jaw to get you back to a pain-free life.




So gratefall you dropped by!  A big hug from all of us at Russell Hill to all of you out there.

Stay safe and healthy, and don't to forget carve out some you time now and then. 


What is TMJ?

The Temporomandibular Joints connect your mandible (lower jaw) to your skull. You have one on each side and they are the most frequently used joints in the body (think about it - you move your jaw every time you eat and every time you speak... and those are two of our favourite things to do!). From a biomechanical point of view, they are also the most complex!

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