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Hands on Russell Hill


"This too, shall pass." ~Persian Sufi Poets

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Hello Again, Old Friends and New!

A lot has happened in the last little while, to say the least.  We are thrilled to be back up and running again, getting back to 'normal' and even continuing to grow.  In September we will welcome Physiotherapist Brett Weiss to our team.  Brett has extensive manual therapy experience, which you can read about in detail here.  

Pilates and hypopressive sessions are back! Get in touch with Mia and Trista if you want stretch out and work those muscles that have been inactive for too long since the lockdown in March!


We are living in strange times, and adapting to this new normal.  We are back in business, which is great, but it means that we are also juggling and adapting to the new way of ever-changing life right now.  Be sure to check our website often for updates, or simply give us a call to be in the loop of any new changes.  However we are happy to say that after much anticipation (and a growing waitlist) our TCM acupuncturist Julian Jones, is back!  Check out his schedule and book online today!


New updated schedules for massages are up.  Consider this your early warning: we anticipate an extra busy end of year insurance rush, do not wait till the last days of December to use your benefits or you may be dissapointed!

Last but not least, for those who don't know Kylie has chosen to not return to the clinic.  We will miss her dearly, but she's happily expecting her first child in the fall, and we are thrilled for her.  And, many of you have met our newest office manager Natalie Wong, and we already don't know what we'd do without her.  In addition to being super organized and on top of all the little details, she's a symphony violin player and seems to always be in a good mood!  

How We Are Keeping Everyone Safe.

For all visitors coming to the clinic, we will continue to enforce these following protocols:


  • must be symptom free (no new cough, no difficulty breathing, no change in taste/smell, no fever)

  • must self screen

  • limit of 3 patients/clients in reception area 

  • must have an appointment (no walk-ins, please come alone/friends and family must wait outside)

  • must wear a mask!

  • must wash their hands upon arrival

What we are doing to stay safe:

  • staggering appointments to improve patient flow

  • spacing out appointments to allow for proper sanitization

  • strick mask policy in the clinic

  • we may use infrared temperature checks

  • regular disinfecting of communal areas

  • offering virtual appointments where appropriate

  • working with our colleges and the Ministry of Health according to their recommendations 

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new way of practice.  Our primary goal is to treat you with the same level of care we always have while maintaining your safety and ours in light of this new challenge. 

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