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Laser Therapy

At RHCC we use the Bioflex laser system.  Laser therapy is an extremely safe and effective tool to heal injured and damage cells.  There is no pain or discomfort during treatment, and clinical results are impressive. 


The bioflex laser system uses 3 different types​ of light to stimulate cellular healing: Red, Infrared, and Infrared Laser.  The different lights are applied sequentially, and each penetrates deeper than the last.

Three Different Types of Light




Cells respond to light stimulation by increasing production of ATP, their main energy source.  This allows damaged cells to heal and work more efficiently. 

Stimulate Cells to Heal
A Wide Variety of Applications

Laser therapy is safe and effective on any damaged tissue.  This means that we can use it to push healing on any part of the body (with the exception of the eye). 

Patients report amazing results on tendinitis, low back pain, disc herniation, knee sprains and more.

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