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Patient Experiences

Below are some examples of patients we have treated.  All identifying details have been changed, and permission was given by each patient to use their experience on this site. 

CL - 25 year old male, sudden rib pain


When I first met C, he was complaining of sudden pain on the right side that started the day previously.  He noted that he had been coughing for the past week.  On examination, I found reduced movement through the thoracic (mid-back) spine, and he was 'locked' in his 5th and 6th ribs on the right.  It was a classic case of a rib misalignment. 

He was extremely sore and tender; breathing caused pain, and laughing or coughing was unbearable.  He didn't think he would be able to tolerate being touched or adjusted, but was willing to try - anything to ease his pain. read more...

BD - 83 year old female, chronic sciatica


B had a history of back problems, starting in her teens.  In her 40s she had spinal surgery, and when I met her as an 83 year old woman, she was sick and tired of being in pain.  She is vital and lively, and wanted to be able to help her husband and walk her dog without suffering. 


Admittedly, my treatment options are a little different for an octagenarian with chronic pain and a history of surgery, than they would be for say a person half her age who'd never been under the knife.  But we work with what we are given, and we decided on a trial course of Laser therapy for B.  In addition to using the laser to heal the damaged nerve tissue, I would work on softening the muscles that were guarding her lower spine, and also correct restricted joints in her left foot which were affecting the way she walked.


I did my best to explain that laser can take a few weeks of treatment before we see an affect; I wanted to manage B's expectations. I was thrilled to hear that she had had 12 hours of complete pain relief following her first laser session.  We continued to work on her spine and foot, and after a few weeks have reduced the frequency of her visits.  B has much less sciatic pain, and I am reminded that the body is always capable of healing.  It is simply never too late. 

TB - 42 year old male, vertigo


T is a good friend of mine, and when he called me up and asked if I could help with his vertigo, I told him to come in that day.  In BPPV, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, crystals in the inner ear have migrated outside of their normal place, and give the sufferer the sensation of movement. As a musician who travels frequently, he was really suffering; long plane rides and then performing on stage while feeling like the room was spinning was unbearable. 

On examination, T had reduced neck movement and multilple areas of restriction.  I explained that I would be adjusting his neck, and then would perform a simple, specific maneoevre meant to put the misplaced crystals back where they belong.  He was then instructed to stay upright as long as possible.  T did his part - he even slept in a recliner chair that night - and had a 'miraculous' recovery, the kind that warms a chiropractors heart.

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